IAFEE was the brainchild of Amreesh Chandra who has also earned the 'Freeman of the City of London' honour for his contribution to education across the world. Speaking about the awards,Amreesh Chandra, Director, CEL, said "Sometimes, you need a bigger platform to spot the light on the expanding education system. The IAFEE Awards is an awards program to recognize the contributions of Achievers, Innovators and Contributors in the field of education and felicitate them. An education AWARD like the IAFEE is slated to be that platform."

The Award Panel comprises of 13 personalities whose views, backgrounds and vast literary skills would deliberate the merits of all nominated students. As the Awards evolve, there would be an addition of some more prominent personalities from the field who would enable a deliberate delivery of the perceived objectives. The panel's main objective would be to sort through nominees and select ideal candidates for the awards, they would also be responsible for setting up a strategic plan to systematize and structure the awards. The award panel will deliberate on innovative ideas to create and effectively integrate new categories. Talking about the awards, Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, said "CEL's initiative in recognizing and acknowledging outstanding services in the field of education is an exemplary effort in promoting and encouraging education for the larger global education community. In the current economic and political climate, this first ever IAFEE awards ceremony is a timely reminder that education is the key to future success - this event is an essential celebration of educational achievements."