The only son of his parents, Amreesh has always been tenacious enough to test his enterprising and innovating skills since he was a child. Though he could have settled down taking over the family business, as Principal of the oldest and one of the most prestigious schools of Uttar Pradesh, he sought to do something different. He began his career as an Economics teacher gradually moving up the rungs the hard way to the post of Executive Principal, Administration & Finance as he stands today.

All along there was this one thought that played at the back of his mind, that the end of all education meant man making. He wanted education to not be a mere accumulation of information but a comprehensive training for life. Then came Chandra Edu Links, his brain child. Since its inception in 2006, CEL in a short span has written a new chapter in educational services and grown into a top-tier educational service company in India. This was accomplished by following the management philosophy, which emphasizes that students and educators must grow together under a Structure. In 2014 CEL continues its successful quest in more overseas markets in Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Africa and the Republic of Macedonia to find profitable new businesses in education operations, master planning and structuring that will continue to deliver steady performances.

Amreesh was honoured with the Freeman to the City of London, title on the 20th of June 2012, for his enormous contribution to the development of education from small kindergartens to the development of Higher Education cities, not only in India and in the UK, but also across many countries around the world.

Amreesh Chandra continues to pursue his quest and vision for better education because he firmly believes that if society is to be reformed, education has to reach everyone high and low, because individuals are the very constituents of society.'

Amreesh A Chandra